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  1. Beth


  2. Susan Forsythe

    I enjoyed your recent article inAmerican Quilter immensely! It has inspired me to make your Fractured Diamonds. Do you have plans of making that pattern available for purchase?

    1. Tricia Patterson

      Hi Susan! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the article, and find the quilt design inspires you. I have had several requests for a pattern so I’m working on one now. I hope to have it complete within the next two weeks at the lates. I’ll send you a note when it is available, in case you are still interested.

  3. Glenys

    Please visit us again, loved your article! There is so much to see and do in Cape Town.

    1. Tricia Patterson

      Glenys, thank you so much for your comment—and the invitation to visit again. I would love to! There are so many places we’d like to see again and probably a lot more to discover.

    2. Tricia Patterson

      Thank you Glenys! I have so many wonderful memories of our visit.

  4. Laetitia Cilliers

    Thank you Tricia for a wonderful and enlightening post. When you visit South African again, the Jacaranda Quilters’ Guild in Pretoria would love to meet and host you.

    1. Tricia Patterson

      Greetings Laetitia! Thank you so much for the invitation. 🙂 I would love to visit with you and the guild! And, spend time in South Africa again. There is much I learned about after we returned home, and more on my visit list. I will certainly let you know of a return trip is planned.

  5. Sandra L. Thompson

    I, too am very interested in purchasing and making your Fractured Diamonds quilt. It is beautiful! I have been searching for the right pattern to use for my hexagon flowers and believe that this is it! Please let me know when and where it is available.

    1. Tricia Patterson

      Thank you Sandra! I have not been able to release the pattern as soon as I hoped. I’m afraid Life has intervened. I have the final draft ready for one more read and then I’ll have it available through my website. I’ll send you a note when it is available. I would love to see how your version comes out.

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