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Organically GrammaTM Pretty Pots Series …

You never know when the seed of a good idea will sprout. Sometimes you don’t even know what will end up growing. During our annual summer quilting get together, I was describing some ideas I have for flower basket quilts to my granddaughter Morgan. I mentioned that I was at a loss to name the quilted wall hanging that became Gardens & Trails. She thought of Pretty Pots. My first reaction was it could be a good name for the collection. After further thought, Morgan’s next words were “organically gramma”. I asked her why. Morgan told me she feels ‘Organically Gramma’ describes my quilting style perfectly. EUREKA! So perceptive; I think she is spot on! And, a brand was born. So… watch for more Pretty Pots designs by Tricia Patterson for Organically GrammaTM at the Quilter Exchange & Fiber Art Studio.

Mindful Regeneration …

… captures my 2019 in quilts and other sewing projects. I resigned from my job as Group Editorial Director of The Quilting Company publications at F+W Media (now Quilting Daily at Golden Peak Media). I spent the rest of the year in reflection, thinking and planning the next adventure of my life’s journey—and I made quilts, finished some I had started and designing new ones.

Morris Star

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I finally finished the Morris Star Block of the Month from The Quilting Company, I started piecing it in 2018, made with the Kelmscott and Merton fabric collections, Original Morris & Co. for Free Spirit. 2019

ColorFULL Quilts

I just love color! If there is anything about quilting that I find frustrating, it’s that I want to make so many quilts using all the different colors, fabric designs and textures. Unfortunately, as a result, I have a lot of projects planned and a bunch in the works. The ColorFull Quilts album contains projects I’ve made incorporating multiple colors.

Rolled Bead Art Quilt

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The embellishment treatment draws attention to this very simple quilted wall hanging. The beads are made with rolled fabric, trimmed with beaded wires. Snippets of metallic foil give it some sparkle. 2011

Published Quilt Designs

While working at The Quilting Company (now Quilting Daily at Golden Peak Media) I had opportunity to submit my quilt designs for the group to consider to publish in one of our magazines. In this album you’ll find the published designs. Patterns for almost all of them are available at www.quiltingdaily.com. If you are inclined to browse, type in my name, Tricia Patterson, to find some of my articles and more quilty fun.

Rusty Nails

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I featured this quilt in the blogpost, "Material Difference: Hand-Dyed Fabrics from Rust", now available through the Quilting Daily website. If you look closely at the rusty quilt fabric you can see impressions of metal tools and other parts salvaged from the garage and other places. 2018

The England Experience

My husband’s work took us to live in England for two years. While there we embraced the opportunity to explore. We looked for places to visit, people to learn about and the times in history that shaped the country, and particularly around its central hub, London. I took the time there to create art quilts to depict our discoveries and wrote about them in a book, Finding Art for Fiber: Pieces of London. The book describes my approach for capturing memories through quiltmaking and embellishment. I included some of the original photos I took during our travels, along with backstories to describe historical highlights and particular things that inspired my interpretation in the primitive artwork I created. I also describe the techniques I used and why. I discuss the design process I use and how I went about making patterns from my designs. I even included a map and a London travel checklist in case you become inspired to take a vacation! The art, and the book, document so many good memories of our time there. This album presents the art quilts from the book project. The book is available through Amazon.

Travel Memory Quilts

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Capturing Travel Memories through Mixed Media Textile Art, by Tricia Patterson, Published 2016

Quilts for Family & Friends

I made my first quilt while pregnant with my first son, all by hand, with needle-turned appliqué and embroidery. It had a light yellow background because I didn’t know his gender before birth. Little did I know that quilt would be the start of a lifelong passion. I became a Quilt Maker. Since then, I’ve made so many quilts for family and friends, choosing themes, fabrics and designs unique to them or a special occasion. I haven’t added photos of all of the quilts I’ve made for these special folks in this album, but included a good many. You’ll find more in other albums.

Modern Carpenter Star Quilt

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Daughter-in-Law Jillian asked me to make a quilt with the Carpenter's Star block. It's modern and fresh, even made with 1930's Reproduction fabrics. 2016

Quilted Sunbonnet Sue Baby Bed Bunting

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For our first grandchild Morgan, pieced and appliqué quilted baby bed bunting, filled with foam, trimmed with ruffles. 2005

A Quilt for Janet

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The fabric in this quilt clamored for me to make a quilt for Janet—to show my support during her Chemo treatments. The quilt reminds me of her, from her flamboyant and sparkling personality, to the red lipstick and high-heeled red shoes she wore. It's now a memorial quilt that reminds me of her, and to take time to smile and enjoy life. 2016

Black and Metal Colors

Series quilts can come in many forms, around a certain theme (i.e., floral arrangements), the same quilt design in different color ways, or multiple iterations of a quilt block (i.e., quilts with Log Cabin blocks of different sizes). Back in 1911 I was besotted with making art quilts of black solid and the colors of metal—and, trying a lot of embellishment techniques. Over a three-year period these wall hangings became a series.

Art Quit Series: Copper Menage #1

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Metallic fabric and black quilter's cotton, thread painting, rolled fabric beads and wire, and foil accents. 2012


Who doesn’t like bags? I love them! And, I’ve discovered making a bag is a perfect break to to take during the time I’m taking to make larger quilts, like heavily pieced quilts and handwork projects. Making a bag can give you a quick creative fix, with faster closure—providing a satisfying respite.

Scrappy Quilted Vintage Knitting Bag

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I wanted a vintage knitting bag like those that popped up in the 70's, a large soft sided bag with wooden handles. This quilted bag is super scrappy with hand dyed fabric bits. Look for my journal entry to learn how I made it. 2013

Wearable Art & Other Finery

Every once in awhile I get a wild need to design and make something to wear. The wearable art in this album was created at those times. You’ll find my attempts at quilted jackets, some including knitted sections. As with other quilters, I also enjoy other fiber arts. I included some hand felted and knit-only projects, too.

Embellished Denim Jacket

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Hand dyed fabric Yo-yo's, embroidery and trims were added to embellish this store-purchased denim jacket. 2014