Another flower basket quilt in the Organically Gramma series, filled with appliqué batik and embellished hand-felted wool flowers.

Journal Entry: November 22, 2020

I know. I know. It’s the end of November! And, it’s not even close to springtime and a flower basket quilt filled with pastel beauties. My emotional reaction is due to all the stay-at-home time, winter settling in with early snowfalls, wearing extra clothing, and more stay-at-home time. It’s making me lust for Spring. I already can’t wait for warm sunny skies and bright flowers. 

Organically Gramma™  In My Easter Basket
Organically Gramma™ In My Easter Basket. Designed by Tricia Patterson for Quilter Exchange & Fiber Art Studio.
Northcott Sugar Crystals Cotton Candy by Banyan Batiks Studio and embellished Hand-Felted Wool.

So… here I am, ready to introduce the fourth flower basket quilt in the Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pot Series. I’ve named this one In My Easter Basket. The Sugar Crystals Cotton Candy fabrics by Banyan Batiks Studio channel Spring to me, immediately reminding me of the colors of Easter baskets and dyed eggs. Along with a variety of batik petals, I’ve filled my Spring flower basket quilt with flowers of embellished felted wool.

Northcott Sugar Crystals Cotton Candy by Banyan Batiks Studio
Northcott Sugar Crystals Cotton Candy by Banyan Batiks Studio.

In My Easter Basket…

When I was a kid, before I really understood the significance of the event, Easter Day was all about a new dress, a fancy hat and sparkly new shoes. My sisters, brother and I were slicked up spanking clean to attend Church and Sunday School. Afterwards, we were whisked away to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house. The Easter Bunny always visited us there too, delivering another colorful basket of goodies! As I thought about the best flower basket quilt block for In My Easter Basket, I returned to my childhood for ideas. The first block that came to my mind was a traditional basket block. And it just so happens, it is the block my grandmother placed in so many of her quilts.

Traditional basket quilt block
Traditional basket quilt block, squares, triangle-squares and triangles.

With all the Frills Upon It…

I pulled inspiration for the shapes in this flower basket quilt from the multi-colored floral in the Sugar Crystals Cotton Candy collection. Using it for the larger flowers and Yo-yo centers, I chose coordinating fabrics in the collection for smaller flowers.

Sugar Crystals Cotton Candy by Banyan Batiks Studio
I took inspiration from the shapes of the flowers in this multi-color floral for my flower basket quilt.
Hand-Felted Wool

It’s probably a little hokey, but springtime also makes me think of sheep and llama—and the lovely soft wool they produce. Several years ago, I learned how to felt wool under the tutelage of Marlice Van Zandt, a llama rancher in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She guided my efforts as I made a hat and gloves. Marlice also showed me how to wet-felt wool roving to make my own fabric. I decided it would be fun to incorporate my own hand-felted wool for this project.

During a visit to Fiber Creek in Prescott, Arizona, I enlisted grandson Evan to help me select Merino wool roving to match all the colors in the multi-color floral batik. I started making my fabric with a wool bat from Outback Fibers in Coaldale, Colorado, and then layered Evan’s picks over it to get the blended effect of the batik.

Hand-felted wool fabric
Merino roving fibers that match the main flower fabric before felting.
Batiks with Coordinating Hand-felted wool fabric
Hand-felted fabric and batiks, ready for making appliqué flowers.
Batik and Wool Flower Appliqué
Appliqué flower elements for In My Easter Basket.

What’s Next in the Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pot Series

I’m having such a good time making these flower basket quilts for the Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pots series. The ideas for them are endless. I still have one more I’m exploring before I can say my binge is complete. The next one is heading to the Southwest where native succulents grow in rich red dirt. Here are links to read about the inspiration and design of the other Pretty Pots.

Patterns are available for all of the Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pots through the Quilter Exchange Mercantile and

Sending joy through quilts,

Pretty Pot Series
Organically Gramma™ In My Easter Basket flower basket quilt
In My Easter Basket