Journal Entry: November 1, 2020

In my mind, Halloween heralds the beginning of the winter holiday season—and another flower basket quilt. Thinking about the design of a holiday basket I asked myself a question. What flower most represents the winter holidays? Of course, everyone knows poinsettias are the first to appear in the floral departments and nurseries to greet the season. Alas, mystery of the floral element was solved, along with the name of this flower basket quilt, Season’s Greeting.

Poinsettias start the winter holiday season.
Season’s Greeting, a flower basket quilt made with hand-dyed velvet and wool, and batiks from the Northcott Banyan Batiks Essentials, Lustre and Olive Banyan Classics collections by Banyan Batiks Studio.

The design of the flower basket…

As with the first two flower basket quilts, Gardens & Trails and Panier de Points, the Season’s Greeting basket design is also unique for the Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pot Series. Because the season most reminds me of being with family and the comforts of home, this one took me to piecing together four different 6” blocks. I thought the variety of star-shaped blocks would add twinkle to the season. I chose fabrics from the new Olive Banyan Classics collection by Banyan Batiks Studio. The basket background sets against black Ketan batik.

Season’s Greeting basket of pieced blocks, Olive Banyan Classics by Banyan Batiks Studio.

Poinsettias to fill a  flower basket quilt…

The poinsettias filling my Season’s Greeting flower basket quilt are made with red and teal batiks from the Banyan Batiks Lustre collection by Banyan Batiks Studio, hand-dyed velvet and wool. I chose Lustre because the design reminds me of the intricacy of old lace. (A lace you might find on Mrs. Claus’ dress, for instance.) Plus, the fabrics feature gold accents, another nod to the holiday season. I complemented the colors of the batiks with my own hand-dyed velvet and wool. And, of course, the wool centers are embellished with embroidery and beads. I guess I’m on a run with my applique batik and wool flower basket quilts because I get a much needed quick stitch fix making them.

The poinsettias in Season’s Greeting are made with fabrics chosen from the Lustre by Banyan Batiks Studio collection, hand-dyed velvet and wool.

Season’s Greeting! A Time for Organic Creativity

My Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pot Series has ended up giving me hours of mindful activity, just by imagining, designing and creating. I join many quilters in this seemingly endless endeavor that provides challenges and rewards.  Read What Do I Get From My Basketwork to learn more about my flower basket quilt journey. 

The Tricia Patterson quilting mantra, a message quilt made for a 2017 Quilting Daily team challenge.

With the first basket, I thought the designs in the Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pot Series could be a great idea for stitchers who like to make traditional quilt block designs, play with cottons, batiks and wool, and enjoy the handwork of embroidery and embellishments. As I’ve finished the third basket, and have two more in progress, I think they would be great designs for makers to explore their own creativity, selecting a favorite basket, and filling it with floral favorites. How would you fill your basket?

All the Organically Gramma™ Pretty Pots patterns are available through the Quilter Exchange Mercantile and

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