Journal Entry: April 29, 2020.

So many quilters are also knitters. Knitting is another favorite sit-and-do pastime of mine, too. What is one thing quilting and knitting can have in common? Why, a quilted vintage knitting bag. Of course!

quilted vintage knitting bag
A Bag-Making Binge: Vintage Knitting Bags

During our time living in London I ramped up my interest in knitting. I suppose just being there with all the rain, fog and cooler temperatures seemed to bring about lots of pleasant couch time watching old movies, drinking a cuppa tea and working with wool.  

So why make a vintage knitting bag?

One day I picked up this wild hair to locate a vintage knitting bag, remembering one of those made of fabric with wood D-shaped handles, which were easily found in the 1970s. I observed that the London art and clothing scene embraces retro, vintage and recycled way beyond what we have in America. I found a major resurgence of items popular in the 1950s, 60’s and 70’s in the markets around the cit, I so started my search for a vintage knitting bag there. 

I was surprised that after a couple of months I still had not found the vintage knitting bag I remembered, at the markets or through online British websites. Then, it dawned on me that even though it wouldn’t have a history of use, I could just make one. And there started my quilted vintage knitting bag making. One idea fed another, and I soon created many unique designs. 

A Plethora of Knitting Bags

I’ve presented photos from my bag making binge below. As you can tell I just kept spinning out vintage knitting bags as the ideas happened. I used prototype handles that I asked a wood artist friend of mine from Symmetry Turning to make on several of them. By searching for ‘vintage wooden knitting bag handles’ I also found other handle sources online. I hope these bags give you some inspiration for one, or more, of your own.

Denim Vintage Knitting Bag #1.
Retired denim jeans make great bags. The fabric has built-in strength and you can cut them up to make some mighty creative bags.
quilted vintage knitting bag
Denim Crazy Quilted Vintage Knitting Bag #2.
quilted vintage knitting bag
Simple Square Patch Quilted Vintage Knitting Bag.
Embellished with a 3″ wooden button closure.
quilted vintage knitting bag
Black & Tan #1 Quilted Vintage Knitting Bag.
2″ scrappy patches, natural bone button embellishment closure and hand quilted.
Black & Tan #2 Vintage Knitting Bag.
Totally embellished. Scrappy Crazy Quilt design embellished with lace and thread trims and bone buttons.
quilted vintage knitting bag
Scrappy Quilted Vintage Knitting Bag with set-in Nine-Patch and Log Cabin blocks.
This Vintage Knitting Bag isn’t quilted, but I thought I’d include it anyway.
I carved motifs into a couple of foam stamps to paint-print the design on the fabric for this bag.

And More Knitting Bags

I had to include a traditional Vintage Knitting Bag.
This one is made with a piece of tapestry upholstery fabric. Simple and fast to make.
quilted vintage knitting bag
This bag is my VERY FAVORITE.
I selected my favorite hand-dyed Pagoda Red, Deep Purple and Golden Rod fabrics and embellishments.
This functional art quilt is the one I use for my personal Vintage Knitting Bag.

I just love these vintage knitting bags. The give me a sentimental feeling, taking me into a time-honored art form, as I pull my knitting project out of one. It’s a kindred spirit kind of feeling. I’m carrying on a tradition from the 16th century United Kingdom and a recollection of the 1960s and 70s when wooden-handled vintage knitting bag were so trendy. And, what else can I say…making these bags is just pure quilty fun!

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