Journal Entry: December 16, 2014.

Another Boxer puppy joined our extended family this summer. Daisy represents the latest of a long line of Boxer loyalty. My oldest son received his first boxer, named Lady Bug, when he was four. After he married, and before our oldest granddaughter was born, my son and his wife brought Calvin into the family. It was sad when Calvin passed a few years back. We were anticipating the arrival of the next Boxer. What does a fiber artist do to celebrate a new family member? What else? Using Daisy’s sweet little face as a model my granddaughters helped me make a pillow cover. And, for Christmas, we celebrated Daisy with the design of holiday wear.


I started the design for the pillow cover by tracing a photograph of Daisy’s face onto tracing paper.  

Traced Template from Photo

Using the tracing paper version as a master I traced individual features onto freezer paper. I cut out the individual pieces of freezer paper and ironed them onto fabric. Then after cutting each section of freezer-backed fabric out I machine appliquéd them onto the background center of the flower to create Daisy’s face on the flower you see in the finished pillow cover.

Finished Pillow Cover

I reused the pattern and pieces, adding a Santa hat to make nightshirts for the girls’ yearly Christmas picture.

We celebrate Daisy joining the family!

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