Journal Entry: December 13, 2013

I was searching for a gift for my daughter-in-law Jillian’s birthday. I wanted to find something unique because she has been so helpful to us while we’ve lived in London, particularly overlooking the love and care of our dog Abby. She is an aspiring author so I ran a search through the Internet to find ideas of gifts for authors. To my surprise, I discovered that a lot of authors use Tarot Cards to identify characters and even themes for their books. The cards sounded like a fun gift… and they begged for a vintage bag. 

I pulled some of the fabric I dyed using my favorite colorway trilogy of Pagoda Red, Goldenrod and Deep Purple. I found the fabrics in thrift stores and recycle shops, brocades, silk, velvet, velveteen, and crocheted doilies. The colors and the fabrics together remind me of a bygone Victorian era, and to a time when women carried small drawstring purses, then called “reticules”, to carry embroidered handkerchiefs, coins, a compact, or a small fan. I’ve seen them in museum collections, made of satins, velvets, brocades, and embroidered with laces, fine threads and bead embellishments.

I doubt Jillian will be carrying any of the things I mentioned above in her elegant bag, but I’m really pleased with the idea to compliment the creativity she may find through the Tarot Cards… and the message I hope the pretty little bag conveys to support her aspirations. 

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