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Journal Entry: September 6, 2013

I was in the mood to share words of wisdom and inspirational quotes today, mark making on fabric. I’m really wishing for some sunshine – just a little ray of bright light and blue skies that lets me know winter won’t last forever. I’m thinking of a bit of outdoor warmth that would be perfect for sun painting on fabric.

The last time I had a chance to sun print on fabric I had just returned from Hobby Lobby. Walking through the store I noticed an amazing number of home decorations with words, phrases, and sayings on them. I didn’t see too many printed on fabric, but I did get a great idea for an art quilt. I keep a journal with a few pages dedicated to sayings I’ve heard from family and friends, or quotes I’ve read somewhere.  Seeing the popularity of these inspirational messages I thought it might be an idea for my 8-yearold granddaughter, Morgan, who has recently taken an interest in reading books from American Girl. (Just in case you aren’t familiar with American Girl dolls, almost all of the dolls are created with a story, and the basis of each story is about a girl growing up, learning the importance of good manners, self-esteem, and other life skill-building messages.)  

I identified several words I feel are important to guide a young person and printed them using a sun painting technique. (Here’s a link to one method for sun paining from Dharma Trading Company.) I complimented the key words with phrases printed from my Ink Jet printer. For these, I used my Microsoft PowerPoint application to capture each of the phrases, adding simple symbol graphics to several of them. Then, I ironed color fabric onto sheets of freezer paper, (both cut to the size of letter size paper. (Make sure all edges of the fabric are securely fastened to the freezer paper.) Finally, I placed the fabric paper into the printer tray and printed as usual. Note, this method may not work for all printers. Be sure to run a trial print to ensure your printer will print the layers without difficulty. As an alternative, you can also use purchase printable fabric to capture your special messages.

16″ x 20″ Wall Hanging
Sun Printed and Ink Jet Printed
Inspirational Words and Phrases

When I take on projects for one grandchild I tend to make for all, so it wasn’t long when I thought about a few pieces I could make for my other granddaughter and grandsons. My youngest granddaughter, Lily, is 3. Her heart’s desire is to be a princess, so I “borrowed” a couple sayings from a wooden plaque I read at Hobby Lobby for her art quilts.

For Lily’s princess wall hangings I pulled out fabric that I’d marbled for an earlier project. I printed her sayings using the printer method described above, with sheets of printable fabric. Relying on my favorite resource, the Dharma Trading Company, you’ll find marbling instructions here.

8″ x 12″ and 7″ x 11″
Wall Hangings
Printable Fabric and Fabric Marbling

And last but not least for my grandsons, Ben and Evan, (ages 6 and 3), who are total ruffian boys. Every time I’m with them they take me back to life with my two sons when they were younger. I pulled a poem I had printed and saved in my journal for their wall hanging.

11″ x 14″ Picture Frame
Printable Fabric, Photos and Embellishments

As you can probably tell, these were quick and easy gifts for my family. You’ll notice I’ve added simple embellishments to give some additional interest. Consider using these ideas to make a personalized greeting card for your loved ones!