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Journal Entry: August 28, 2013.

I am so blessed to have a special place to work on my art. My husband gave up his Jeep room in the garage, and helped our son do a grand job of fitting it out so I’d have a large, comfortable, finished room with lots of space for storage and light for creating. My grandchildren love to spend time with me in the “studio,” which is a wonderful bonus. They ask for time in the studio every time they visit; it is becoming a regular place for us to play together. They like to draw and paint and do things with beads, yarns, and other materials. One of the activities we’ve enjoyed together is making stamps and using them to print on fabric.

I took a class at Wild Heather’s to learn how to make stamps. I made them by carving shapes into Speedball Speedy-Cut carving blocks using linoleum-cutting tools. I also learned a less expensive method of making stamps out of the foam blocks and sheets, found at my local craft store. (Dick Blick’s carries a great assortment of stamp-making supplies at their online store. They also carry thicker WonderFoam sheets. To save cutting time, you can purchase pre-cut shapes.)

My grandchildren Morgan (age 7), Ben (age 6), and Evan and Lily (both age 3) were excited about our first stamp day. I quickly showed them a couple of examples of stamps I had made and the steps to make their own. They each had a pair of scissors and two foam sheets, cut to a size so their small hands could easily handle the pieces. They worked away cutting out shapes from one sheet and placing them onto a small rectangular sheet to make their stamps. (I purchased sticky back sheets so they easily adhered the shapes to the larger back.) Stamp making kept them busy for several hours!

Making Stamps with Foam Blocks and Sheets

Once the kids had a good number of stamps to play with we moved forward to printing on fabric using one or two of the stamps they made. The goal was to make fabric and designs for aprons. We used Pabeo Setacolor paint to print on canvas fabric. (I’ve seen Setacolor paint at my local hobby and art supply stores. I buy it in large lots from Dharma Trading Company. They also have a large variety of colors to choose from.) 

Stamping with Pabeo Setacolor Paint on Canvas

The boys were really proud of their finished fabric. It was so fun to hear Evan explain to his mom the steps he took to make his fabric, complete with arm gestures to show the printing process.

Morgan’s Fabric Design
Ben’s Stamped Apron
Evan’s Stamped Apron
Lily just decided to dance with her stamped fabric.

It was the kind of day with the kids that I’ll treasure forever!!