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Journal Entry: February 8, 2013.

I truly value the quilts I have received from my grandmothers, and most recently from my mother, who didn’t start quilting until her 70s. I really enjoy giving the quilts I’ve created to my children and grandchildren, and try to express a sentiment with each one I give them. My goal is to keep a heritage of quilting in the family (I’m hoping that at least one of my grandchildren will want to quilt one day!) and hopefully give them something to treasure that is unique and personal.

I’ve had so many giggles and grins listening to my young grandchildren as they’ve created their own words and ways of conveying their thoughts and describing the world around them.  Some of their sayings are really insightful, some just plain crazy funny. Having some difficulty remembering the great pearls from my sons when they were younger, I’ve started to capture those of my grandchildren in my journals and on quilts. Here are close-ups of a few of the sayings I’ve captured in a wall hanging series.

Quips & Quotes
Captured in Fabric by Tricia Patterson
An ongoing project started in 2013

I printed the sayings on Prym Printed Treasures fabric paper using Microsoft Word software and my personal printer. The background for this set of wall hangings is made of hand-dyed and batik fabrics. I also set off each panel with a different thread painting, metal foil, threads, Angelina fiber, twisted jewelry wire shapes, and bead embellishments.

Quips & Quotes
Designed & Made by Tricia Patterson

I often receive texts or an email from my sons and daughter-in-laws with a kid quote and “This is one for the quilt!” The beauty about this quilt design is that I can continue to add quips and quotes as they come along. I get a special warm feeling when I pass the wall hangings and my eye catches one of the kid’s sayings. They always give me a smile and a special memory of life’s precious gifts.