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Journal Entry: January 1, 2013.


What better way to start the new year than with the launch of a business that’s been brewing only in my mind for many years.  I remember the exact time I conceived the concept of the Quilter Exchange.  I was working at St. Jude Medical in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the time, just returning from the first organizational meeting of a group of medical manufacturers brought together to discuss an innovative medical exchange.  

I was excited about the concept of this effort,(a single source to locate a large group of manufacturing companies offering a range of medical supplies), thinking about what it could mean to the industry, not to mention patients across the United States.  As I exited off I-35W on my way home to our St. Paul apartment I thought of creating a Quilter Exchange – a place for quilters to exchange ideas, their work, patterns and designs.  Hindsight… I should have quit my job right then and invested in a different future.   It was only a matter of time, technology and people to catch up to the idea.  Today, these sites exist in abundance! Oh well, here I am.  The time must be right for me to take on this adventure right now.  Through this site I hope to share my passion for quilting, and art quilts in particular.  

Through this website I will share my personal growth as an artist.  I will also share some things I’ve learned along the way from some of the most creative people around, as well as my progress applying these lessons. I’ll tell you about the activity going on in my studio, and you’ll have the opportunity to try these projects yourself.  I’ll provide access to dyed fabric, embellishments, and patterns.  I’ll also have some of my art for sale.  Eventually, I plan to grow the site so that it showcases work from other art quilters, their ideas, and art.  For now, my goal is to share my dream and passion for quilting with you.  

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Wishing you a Happy and Productive New Year!